Timothy C. Peck, MD


Timothy C. Peck, MD, is the cofounder and CEO of Call9. Prior to cofounding Call9, Peck earned his MD from New York University, then held a faculty position at Harvard Medical School and was the Chief Resident in the Emergency Department at Beth Israel Deaconess/Harvard.

While at Beth Israel Deaconess, Peck repeatedly encountered the challenge of treating patients who would have had superior outcomes had he and his team been able to treat them earlier. After investigating this problem, Peck learned that approximately one in five transfers to the ED originate from nursing homes. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) states that 45% of hospital admissions from SNFs could have been avoided, resulting in as much as $40 billion in unnecessary costs and millions of patients who go to the hospital – but shouldn’t. In learning the scope of the problem, Peck set out to solve it.

Call9 has created a new way of delivering and practicing nursing home care through a high-tech, high-touch, multidisciplinary care model. Peck’s efforts to develop Call9 coalesced when the company went through Y Combinator’s accelerator program in the summer of 2015. During that time, and for a period thereafter, Peck lived in Central Island Healthcare, a nursing home in Plainview, NY (as highlighted in this CNBC article) in order to fully understand the clinical, operational and financial challenges that were leading to all of these unnecessary hospital visits.

In January 2016, Call9 received its Series A funding, led by Index Ventures. In September 2017, Call9 announced a $24 million Series B financing round led by Redmile Group. To date, Call9 has delivered life-changing care to more than 12,000 patients and conducted more than 160,000 telehealth visits.

Peck, having personally experienced critical illness himself, has an intimate knowledge of medicine as a patient and a provider. Having led a team of 39 talented residents through a year that included the Boston Marathon bombings, Peck is uniquely attuned to the rigors of leadership. Peck is now putting his experience to work to save patients’ lives on a massive scale.