Taylor Tuepah

Chief of Staff

Taylor Tuepah is the Chief of Staff at Call9. She initially joined Call9 in 2018 to stand up a team focused on process improvement and innovation. As Chief of Staff, Tuepah leads critical, cross-functional initiatives to define and drive success. She maintains a birds-eye view across teams and departments in order to coordinate and align strategic priorities across the senior leadership team.

As a Gerontologist, Tuepah is an expert in issues pertaining to elder care. She has experience working in both senior living and the elder care health tech space and has enjoyed bringing these two worlds together at Call9. Most recently, she worked at Hometeam, a venture-backed, technology-enabled home care agency. Tuepah was responsible for the success of Hometeam’s first enterprise partnerships while owning large projects focused on customer success and business development. Her experience is largely in change and project management, operations and people management, overseeing teams as large as 80 and strike teams of just a handful of people.

Tuepah has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of British Columbia and an M.A. in Gerontology from Simon Fraser University. Her graduate research explored how effectively family-friendly policies and a supportive workplace culture improved both employee and organizational outcomes. She applies this background and experience in leading and supporting efforts that create a more engaged and happy workforce at Call9.