Delivering Solutions for Family Members

Call9 provides an extra layer of support and peace of mind for residents and their caregiving family and friends as they navigate serious illness. Our overarching goal is to reduce the severity of symptoms and improve the quality of life for residents and their caregivers.


Support residents’ wishes

Providing the highest quality care begins with knowing residents’ wishes and developing treatment plans that support their goals of care. Call9 utilizes advance care planning to identify and deliver care that is aligned with a resident’s values and preferences. We also work closely with family members throughout the decision-making process to help you cope with your loved one’s illness.


Communicate directly with physicians

Call9 prioritizes transparent communication with every resident’s family members. Our physicians generally call the family at the time of initial assessment with any significant findings or clinical changes, and then again at the time of discharge from our service back to the facility. These conversations are infused with our efforts to understand the resident’s goals of care.


Access to palliative care specialists

In addition to their expertise in Emergency Medicine, all Call9 providers receive training in palliative care, equipping them with the knowledge to engage in meaningful conversations. For patients requiring an extra level of support, Call9 Emergency Medical has a team of palliative care physicians available to assist and facilitate Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST) preparation and further goals of care discussions.