Care Delivery

Humanizing telemedicine to administer care at the bedside

Connecting with patients to understand their goals and comprehensively address their individual needs is the foundation of Call9’s value-based approach. Our interdisciplinary team provides immediate on-site care during an acute change in condition, follow-up care after initial treatment to ensure clinical stability and palliative care that comforts patients and their families as they navigate serious illness. Call9’s unique high-touch, high-tech solution leverages the power of technology to increase patients’ access to the right care at the right time.


On-Site Clinical Care Specialists

Call9 establishes an on-site presence by embedding emergency-trained first responders—generally a paramedic, EMT, ED tech or persons with similar clinical experience, called Clinical Care Specialists (CCS)—in our partner facilities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They serve as the eyes, ears and extended hands of Call9’s 100% remote provider team, operating Call9’s on-site diagnostic tools and therapeutics, communicating with patients and families and engaging with facility staff.  


Remote Medical Providers

Led by board-certified Emergency Medicine physicians, Call9’s medical providers are credentialed in each facility, enabling real-time access to the facility’s electronic medical record (EMR) and patient medical history with the ability to prescribe medications. In addition to further training in geriatric, skilled nursing facility and prehospital care, Call9 providers are trained in assessing and addressing patients’ goals of care in the context of their acute illness.


Bedside Diagnostic Tools

Via the CCS and Call9’s technology, providers can identify acute changes of condition early in the patient’s illness. A full suite of on-site diagnostics—including bedside ultrasound, 12-lead EKGs, telemetry, pacing, vital signs, CPAP/BiPAP, electronic stethoscope for heart and lung sounds, urinalysis and on-site CHEM8 lab work in less than two minutes—stream onto the laptop of the Call9 provider, who is virtually running a remote Emergency Department.